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Golden Horse Winner and Film Editor,
Meng-Ju Shieh on The Real Behind the Scenes Hero:
The Vital Role Accusys Storage Plays in My Editing Work

Editing and Storage

Accusys proudly announces that long-time user and digital film editor Meng-Ju Shieh, has once more received Best Film Editing Award at the 58th Golden Horse Film Festival. As world demand for video continues skyward, data storage plays an increasingly important part in every post-production video professional. In this article, we share award-winning artist Meng-Ju Shieh‘s “secret sauce” on the importance of selecting the right data storage solution when editing digital content.

Why Accusys’ Thunderbolt SAN is an Ideal Solution for Multiplexed Editing

Creating SAN - A12T3-Share allows multiple users to edit the same file simultaneously, avoiding the thorny issue of version control. Meanwhile, storage performance is critical in sustaining editing burdened by frequent playbacks, multiple input streams, layers of visual effects and rendering complexity. SAN via Thunderbolt connection has been the most sought-after solution to cope with problems caused by concurrent editing since its release.

High Standard Makes Accusys Stand Out

“Through years of experience using Accusys, I have faith in its excellent performance which has an edge even over the better-known brands. Accusys systems are near bullet-proof, owing to the use of high quality components and extensive testing performed for each system.”

In particular Meng-Ju Shieh happily shared his experience with using the Accusys A12T3-Share: “The product exceeds every expectation by an editor based on its outstanding stability and user-friendly services provided for setup, configuration and trouble shooting.” “Accusys is based in Taiwan, which has guaranteed responsive support from a helpful technical support staff. Problems, big or small, are usually resolved quickly, with minimal loss of production time. ”Located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, with a proven track record of 30 years “Made in Taiwan” success, Accusys has become the top choice in Taiwan’s Media and Entertainment industry, thanks to its always-available technical and product support and highly capable sales partners.

Time is Essential to Editors

“The downtime created by storage failure is one of

the biggest show stoppers for an editor, ”said

Meng-Ju Shieh. “It can be a nightmare when you have to worry about the approaching deadline, possible credibility damage while falling behind schedule, not to mention spending time and effort to get the storage fixed. Worst of all, it will be a total disaster if the lost content can never be recovered,
he said. The message: storage reliability is absolutely essential for post-production professionals.

Except for storage itself, choosing the right hard drives can be tricky. Conventional hard drives are often unable to deliver the performance needed by a film editor, though the price of storage has become much more affordable over years. Here, SSD can deliver much higher performance, but it is also less affordable, especially when it comes to large editing projects, which have become increasingly common. Therefore, more often than not, SSD is not an option without a substantial budget.

To address this price-performance dilemma, Seagate has introduce groundbreaking dual- actuator disk drive called the: Exos 2x14 Multi-Actuator Hard Drive. Using MACH.2 technology, each drive uses two independent executors and data paths that double storage performance. Exos drives offer large capacity and SSD- like performance, while also reducing power consumption in a single data storage device. Under actual conditions, Exos drives increase performance by 30-40 percent achieving the performance needed by editing applications without breaking the bank.

The Impact of OTT Streaming on the Media and Entertainment Industry

The rise of OTT(over-the-top)Internet streaming Service has drastically changed the film and television industries in recent years. Fewer people watch movies, while online streaming platform subscriptions are increasing rapidly. The change has presented new challenges to post-production. Said Meng-Ju Shieh,“Storage performance and capacity planning has again come to the center stage.” Here, for the same length of final product, it takes significantly more time and effort, by as much as 2-3 times, to edit videos for online streaming than feature films. As a result simultaneous editing of projects has become almost unavoidable. Storage that can accommodate teamwork has become a basic requirement when selecting almost all editing infrastructure.

It’s a Wrap: Accusys is the Behind Scenes Hero for Video Editors

The outstanding reliability supported by Accusys RAID Storage, in combination with Seagate’s Exos HDDs, gives content creators peace of mind, allowing them to delve into their creative world and concentrate on their work, free from concerning about technical issues related to storage and data security.
Meng-Ju Shieh concluded: “Accusys storage gives me peace of mind. I don’t even notice its presence while working away on my project. That’s the best part." Just like the electronic gadgets we use daily, Accusys is the hero behind the scenes that gives me the freedom to apply new techniques required for working at the cutting edge of the film-editing world.”

MacBook Pro (M1 Pro, M1 Max) related drivers have been updated on the official website

Accusys' Thunderbolt 3 series storage system can support the latest MacBook Pro models, including Apple M1 Max and Apple M1 Pro, as long as the latest Accusys Mac driver 3.7.4 is installed. Please refer to the 2022-02 TechNews for download and use for the relevant driver installation package and steps.


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