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Netflix Production and Storage Constraints

Accusys T-Share LTO
World first shareable storage to support 3 media options: HDD, SSD and LTO

Multi-camera production has been around since the dawn of professional video. While the overall workflow is well known, there are some nuances to be aware of if you are producing a multi-cam shoot for Netflix.

The number of cameras to be backed up and shorter turnarounds that are common in Netflix production can strain available storage. Moreover, meeting Netflix’ robust data-management requirement may take up still more storages in the process of both onset and post production.


The Netflix camera-native capture workflow prefers minimum image processing and maximum quality during capture. All the RAW options provide outstanding image quality, but you need to be mindful of storage needs, especially when dealing with uncompressed RAW formats. The question is usually: will 6 bay RAID storage still satisfy the capacity and performance requirement for the onset or shuttle storage when defaulting at RAID 5 or 6 redundancy level?

Data Management

For ways to backup and verify production assets, Netflix expects 3:2:1 practice to be maintained through final delivery.

3:2:1 Principle

•  Hold at least three copies of all original camera files (OCF) and audio.

•  Store the OCF and audio copies on at least two different types of media.

•  Keep at least one of these backups in a different geographical location from the others.

Backup media options

•  RAID 5, 6, or 10 (or above) storage

•  LTO (6, 7 or 8 written in LTFS format)

•  Netflix Content Hub (cloud storage)

*source: https://partnerhelp.netflixstudios.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000581207-Production-Assets-Data-Management

For production team struggling to meet the requirement, Accusys T-Share LTO, a shareable RAID storage integrated with LTO, has been found to be handy. It is so far the only storage available in the world to support 3 media options: HDD, SSD and LTO, with one single device that can be shared by multiple users.

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