May 30th, 2021            Click here to download the PDF file

Beijing TV Station Chose Accusys for《2021 Spring Festival Gala》

Beijing TV Station is one of the top TV stations in China and has the cutting-edge technology. It is world-class in terms of audio & video production technology and related software and hardware equipment.

2021 Beijing TV Station Spring Festival Gala used a full 4K production process.The solution included four Mac Pro as workstations, two Accusys’ A12T3-Share+ as the material sharing storage system, and two Accusys’ MAX 24 8K storages directly connected to two of the four Mac Pro for color grading.

All the materials of the Spring Festival Gala (mainly Apple ProRes 422 LT), including the original multi-channel recording materials and the finished files generated by color grading, had a total data volume of 384 TB, which were stored in two A12T3-Share+ storages. All of the four Mac Pro could access the original materials via Thunderbolt SAN shared network.

The shared file system it used was Apple's Xsan file system. One of the Mac Pro was selected as the Xsan MDC server for the entire shared network, and it could also be used as a color grading host. Accusys’ T-Paring technology was also applied in this solution. Mac Pro achieved double read/write speed through dual Thunderbolt 3 paths, reaching nearly 4000 MB/s performance.

The data transfer between A12T3-Share+ Thunderbolt SAN and MAX 24 reached up to 2.5 GB to 3 GB/s. Data could be quickly copied or transferred between SAN and DAS.

MAX 24 was equipped with 24 pieces of SAS enterprise level hard disk drives, with a read performance of 5100 MB/s on Mac Pro.

A12T3-Share+ was also equipped with 16 TB SAS enterprise level hard disk drives, with a read performance of over 2400 MB/s.

Beijing TV Station has been using Accusys’ high-performance audio & video storage system for a very long time. The products have been recognized by professionals in the TV station in terms of read/write performance and quality stability.


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