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An Introduction to Storage Management Systems, Part 1


In the next two newsletters, we will provide an overview of the storage management system, an essential component for large-scale, enterprise data storage deployments.

The Impact of Growth and Complexity on Today’s Data Storage Systems

Since the inception of the Internet, the need to store information has exploded. According to IDC (International Data Corporation), the volume of stored data worldwide is expected to grow 13 percent annually from now until 2025, requiring a storage capacity of 163 zettabytes (or 163 billion terabytes). Not surprisingly, this explosive growth has placed enormous pressure on enterprise IT departments. Whether required for schools, companies, hospitals, banks or government organizations, the need to store and access data with acceptable performance is critical to the operation of nearly all large organizations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Uptime is critical. When a large data storage system goes down, customers cannot place orders, thousands of employees may be idled, and organizations cannot operate effectively.

While the need to access to data on demand may be easy to understand, managing a large-scale data storage system is as complicated as it is demanding. Non-stop data growth means data storage capacity must be regularly increased, and when necessary, moved to other systems based on frequency of demand, performance, need to retain, and cost considerations. Moreover, nearly all stored data must be available on demand and protected against loss to enable daily organizational operation. Because data types differ — unstructured data such as files and structured data for database use, the associated applications and servers often differ, necessitating a mix of equipment from different computer and data storage vendors. On top of this, all data is not of equal value, requiring systems with different levels of security, performance, and availability.

The key question, which the IT department of any large organization should ask itself:

How do we manage, protect, and ensure access to petabytes of data when data storage requirements are exploding across the organization?

The answer lies not only in selection of the right storage equipment and software, but also, an effective storage management system.

What is a Storage Management System?

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