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Using Accusys ExaSAN and TigerStore to Create 32Gb SAN
— A Case Study of Infinity Multimedia Production

Brief Introduction of Infinity Multimedia Production

Established in 1985, Infinity Multimedia Production has the strongest production team, advanced HD/UHD broadcast-level hardware, and digital audio and video production equipment. It is a professional brand in a leading position in the industry.


•  2009 - HD Live broadcasted the opening and closing ceremonies of the Deaflympics and the World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung. It is the first time that high-definition broadcast has been used for international major events.

•  2015 - Invested in the first set of UHD (4K) broadcast systemin in Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

•  2017 - Broadcasted XXIX Summer Universiade with Chinese Television System Inc. and Videoland Television Network, and was in charge of Substitute Broadcast Center; used UHD/4K signals to broadcast the opening and closing ceremonies to the world successfully. In the same year led the world to use the latest SONY-4K-HDR technology to film Mayday’s first concert of the Life Tour in Kaohsiung.

•  2018 - Cooperated with Taiwan Win TV Media CO., Ltd. in CPBL’s second half of its 29th year to film and broadcast the baseball games in 4K, which is the first time in history.

•  2019 - Filmed and broadcasted Taipei New Year's Eve Countdown Party in 4K

•  2020 - Continuously to provide professional live broadcast and post-production services for various large-scale performing arts and sports events.

SAN Management Network

•  ExaSAN storage network: A16S3-PS uses PCIe3.0 technology with 32Gb/s bandwidth. When PCIe cannot be connected, it will automatically switch to 10Gb network transmission to ensure the continuous availability of SAN data.

•  TigerStore SAN Server: managing the read and write tasks of SAN storage devices between workstations. Dual servers available; when either server is down, the other will automatically replace it.

Customer Feedback

•  Jia-Wei Lin, vice president of Infinity Multimedia Production, said: "Accusys ExaSAN and TigerStore SAN solution greatly increases the file exchange speed and improves post-production efficiency."

•  Arthur, manager of HiproTech, said: "Accusys has 25 years of research and development experience. Its storage devices are all developed and manufactured in Taiwan, and are the most cost-effective products of the same level in the industry. The products have high stability and thus reduce the burden of technical maintenance."

The ExaSAN series is based on PCIe3.0 technology offering both impressive performance and capacity, which is why production companies select ExaSAN to avoid high costs and to avoid the complexities associated with more traditional DAS and SAN solutions. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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