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Gamma 8 Christmas Clearance Sale: Until the 31st of December

Designed for rigorous 4K workflows and more, the Gamma 8 is an 8-bay storage solution offering two Thunderbolt 3 ports, a SAS expander port, and daisy-chaining capabilities, and reaches performance levels of up to 2600 MB/s.

The original MSRP is USD 2,100, but now with more than 55% off you can experience the trill of Gamma 8 with only USD 1,399. Check it off your list before the limited 50 pieces are sold out!

Director Chih-Lin Yang Shares Experience of Using Gamma 8

I’m Chih-Lin Yang, and I’m a movie director in Taiwan. I’ve spent the past ten years making two documentaries, Sing It! and Sing It +, in Xinyi Township, Nantou County. This year I started to film my first feature movie, Kipahpah Ima (Hear the Song Again), in Tauyuan District, Kaohsiung City.

One thing these three films have in common is that the shooting locations all sit in remote mountain areas.

How remote is it? Let’s say, it’s two and a half to three hours’ drive to the nearest high-speed station. That’s how remote it is! In addition to the remoteness, the weather changes rapidly. It might become foggy one minute and rainy the next. The electricity voltage is also unstable in mountains. Plug in one more hair dryer and it might trip the circuit breaker. Keeping the digital footage safe under those conditions becomes a serious challenge.

Back when I was filming documentaries, I would save the footage in my portable storage device (PSD). The more materials I collected, the more PSDs I would need. Not only is the PSD costly, but it also can’t be overused or connected to more than one computer at a time. HDD might be an option, but it is too fragile to be carried around, especially in mountain areas with unpredictable conditions. Backing up files thus was never an easy task.

The movie Kipahpah Ima is being filmed in 6K resolution. The footage file is very large in size. Fortunately, Gamma 8 can store a large amount of audio and video materials. The total capacity of a single Gamma 8 can be up to 112TB (if using 14TB HDD). Once we get to the post-production stage, more materials will be accumulating, such as film scores and special effects, and if you need more space than what one Gamma 8 can offer, you can easily expand the capacity with up to 3 JBODs while increasing transmission speed at the same time.

I often film in mountains and know that the speed and stability of hard drives are crucial. Gamma 8 explores the latest Thunderbolt 3 technology, and the maximum speed can reach up to 2600MB per second. We use RAID0 mode, which performs read/write on all hard drives in the RAID system, and provides the best performance in all RAID levels. It takes two hours to drive back and forth between our accommodations and shooting location. In case of any accidents along the way, we would make two backup copies on-site. Thanks to the rapid transmission speed, we are able to back up all the files in time. Our on-site editing and file management staff would also rush back to the dormitory as soon as possible after finishing work every day, and back up and pre-cut before the rest of the team returns to hike up electricity consumption. Gamma 8’s performance set our minds at ease on backing-up and pre-cutting, it also reduces the risk of file shooting by a lot.

Because the reliability of Gamma 8 keeps our work on schedule, I was able to arrange an “extracurricular activity” to help improve the child actors’ sense of team ownership. Film making is very hard work and requires concentration. Although we were very careful on balancing their daily workload, in order not to create too much stress. However, child actors sometimes needed to see the results, so that they understand what they had been working so hard for.

Later on a day-off, without exporting the footage, we connected the computer directly to Gamma 8 and showed the children what we had been filming and how they looked after editing. They were so joyful when seeing themselves on screen. At that moment, I clearly saw they all felt a strong sense of accomplishment. From that day on, the children behaved more focused and performed even better, which was a total pleasant surprise. For me, Gamma 8’s advantages lie not just in its reliability and transmission speed, it also comes with extended intangible side-benefits.


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