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Explore Accusys’ Newly-innovated Product: Gamma Carry

Accusys is famous for providing unparalleled storage solutions that allow professionals to succeed in the highly competitive post-production environment. However, despite their high stability and performance, the previous products are more suitable for use in studio than on-site due to the sizes and weights. Based on years of industry experiences and continuously accumulated customer feedback, Gamma Carry was thus born. Not only is it perfect for post-production editing, but it is also specially made for DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) and users who need storage portability.

Gamma Carry has two Thunderbolt 3 ports and the same excellent performance and stability as those of all the previous products, and it goes way beyond to make breakthroughs in both functions and form factors.

Smaller and Lighter

Gamma Carry is 8-bay storage device. We re-designed the chassis and made it smaller and lighter compared with the previous 8-bay products. It is the world’s smallest 3.5” 8-bay RAID system. Moreover, it has a recessed handle bar and is easily portable. Take it anywhere you go; your studio is where you are!

The Toughest Ever

The original Gamma Carry packaging materials (EPE, Expandable

Polyethylene) are compatible with Pelican 1510 Protector Carry-On Case. In the mechanical shock test, when put it in Pelican Case with EPE, it is able to withstand 250G/2ms (250 gravitational acceleration per 2 milliseconds) without HDD damage. Moreover, with our patented technology—the disk tray positioning pin—the risk of damage to the disks and backplane caused by shock or vibration during transportation is significantly reduced. From now on, you no longer have to remove the hard disks before you move your storage around. Hand-carry it or check it in when you need to fly, the Pelican Case meets the carry-on luggage regulations of most airlines.

Kensington Security Slot

Being extremely portable, Gamma Carry comes with an anti-theft design to prevent from a five-finger-discount situation. Kick back and relax, your Gamma Carry is safe with Kensington Lock, and so is your data.

User-friendly Features

Collected feedback from many editors and colorists shows that when working in a dark room, most of the times they need to tape up the gleaming LED lights to avoid distraction. With Gamma Carry’s LED on/off function, now you can simply press a button to turn the lights off.

On the other hand, when working on-site, one of the worst things that could happen is when the RAID system acts up while there’s no technician to help. Cooling fan stops spinning when the editing is in full swing? Power module stops working when you are out in the middle of nowhere? No worries! Gamma Carry comes with easy-to-replace modules. Only 2 simple steps and you can replace the fan or power modules yourself. You can be your own technician!

Built-in SSD Reader

With optional SSD portable trays (up to 2), Gamma Carry can be transformed into a 6-bay RAID system with two SSD readers or a 7-bay RAID system with one SSD reader. The built-in SSD reader allows you to quickly transfer your data from SSD to RAID or vice versa, which makes on-site editing easier than ever.


With over 20 years of storage array design experience, Accusys follows airflow design to enable Gamma Carry to quickly dissipate heat, and thereby reducing the operating temperature of the entire system and hard drives. Gamma Carry represents a generalization of Accusys’ 25 years of experience in array design and 13 years in audio and video storage application. The system firmware is also fine-tuned for improved I/O read and write functions. It stands to reason that Gamma Carry offers market-leading, unparalleled stability and performance.


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