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Light & Magic Studio Shares Experience of Using Gamma Carry

Mr. Ling Gu is the head of Light & Magic Studio. He used to work as a photographer and editor in Advertising Department of Xinjiang TV and Xinjiang Central Asia International Advertising Co., Ltd. Now in Light & Magic Studio, he is responsible for film editing, shooting, directing, color grading, producing, etc. He is among the few media production professionals familiar with both filming and post-production.

In 31 years of his career, Mr. Gu has filmed and produced more than 400 TV commercials and propaganda films, and earned numerous awards. Since Mr. Gu won the Silver Award in the 9th China Advertising Festival (2002) with "What's Good in Advertising," he has been awarded the Silver, Gold, another Silver, and the Excellence Award in the 10th, 13th, 15th, and 24th respectively. Moreover, he also won the Bronze Award in 2005 and 2006 Longxi Film, Television and Radio Advertising Awards. In 2016, he won the Silver Award of the Film and Television category in the Xinjiang National Unity Public Service Announcement Contest.

Mr. Gu has worked in both private enterprises and government agencies such as CCTV, Xinjiang Yilite Industry, Lenovo Group Ltd., Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group Co., Ltd., the Coca-Cola Company, Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, and Xinjiang Television. His award-winning works include "Xinjiang Television Very Weekend Column," "Guli's Chinese Dream," "Eternal Land," "The Story of Beaver," "The Old Village’s Kariz," "Urumchi," "The Oasis of One’s Own," "Korla’s Pear," etc.

In his career of film and television production, Mr. Gu has gone through technology eras from roll film shooting, analog television linear edit, to nowadays digital 4K, and follows upcoming 8K standard of television with interest. He has a solid theoretical foundation and wide experiences of various applications, and is familiar with the process of modern film and television production operations.

Mr. Gu has used many different brands of storage systems. This time under the recommendation of Digital Ocean in Beijing, he chooses Gamma Carry from Accusys, a portable Thunderbolt 3 storage.

"In my long post-production work career, I have used many different brands of storage arrays, name-brand or generic. There are often problems with unstable read/write speed, overheat, and loud noise. The worst case being degraded array. My first impression of Gamma Carry is that it is extremely exquisite, small and light,” said Mr. Gu. Gamma Carry weighs only 6 KG and comes with a recessed handle to facilitate transportation and make it easy when users need to stack up several storages.

Mr. Gu also remarked, "I transferred dozens of Terabytes of data from my old array to Gamma Carry, which kept it on for 48 continuous hours. During the process, the noise was extremely low, almost inaudible. The body generated very low heat during these 48 hours of operation, showing excellent heat dissipation capability. I tested its performance with BMD and AJA test software, demonstrating stable read/write speed and remarkable performance.”

With over 20 years of storage array design experience, Accusys follows airflow design to enable Gamma Carry to quickly dissipate heat, and thereby reducing the operating temperature of the entire system and hard drives. Gamma Carry represents a generalization of Accusys’ 25 years of experience in array design and 13 years in audio and video storage application. The system firmware is also fine-tuned for improved I/O read and write functions. It stands to reason that Gamma Carry offers market-leading, unparalleled stability and performance.


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