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Technodyna’s Case Study of A16S3-PS with SW16-G3
-- Part 2 of 2

While competition were suffering to meet the requirements with the provided budget, and were squeezing their margins because they needed a huge bulk of disks to guarantee the IOPS in a NAS configuration, or switched to SAN for faster connectivity which spiked their offerings way beyond budget. Technodyna simply designed and offered an Accusys based solution and was easily able to provide more than the required performance while still meeting the client’s budget in an elegant and guaranteed SAN configuration. A single Accusys A16S3-PS chassis is capable of providing 2500MB/s performance when equipped with the right drives. In fact, the numbers on the test were even better than those on Accusys’ website.

“We usually see suppliers providing performance promises on their websites that can hardly be met unless you apply a very specific cases. But in case of Accusys, the tests surpassed their advertised numbers and our expectations,” said Engineer Khaled Abdelhady, Technodyna’s CTO.

The Full Frame 4k 4096x3112 was running at 49fps Write and 51fps Read measuring 2410 MB/s Write - 2514 MB/s Read on a single workstation. This performance was possible thanks to Accusys’ Z2M PCIe workstation cards enabling 32Gb/s connectivity on a single cable.

To achieve the client requirements Technodyna used 4 x A16S3-PS storage chassis connected to the SAN server and clients using ExaSAN SW16-G3 switch.

When shared over the super-fast third generation ExaSAN switch, the impressive Bluewhale SAN filesystem (BWFS) had a minimal impact on performance when compared to other SAN filesystems we have tested before. The overall sustained performance when all workstations were vigorously tested simultaneously was close to 9000 MB/s surpassing the requirements by more than 10%.” Said Engineer Mostafa Ezzat, Head of Film & Post technology.

To connect the ARRI high quality film scanner and the Protools workstation, Technodyna used a gateway from Hyperminds Inc. connected with a Z2M card to the ExaSAN switch and offering the filesystem to the 10 GigE and 1 GigE clients. The gateway features a number of Ethernet ports that enable multiple clients to be hooked directly without the need of an extra network switch. And although not even close to the 32Gbps ExaSAN connectivity, the 10 GigE was more than enough for the scanner’s scanning and writing speed requirements.

“Thanks to Accusys, we were able to offer a way better and a much more streamlined solution at a lower price than all competition and supply the client with all needs without having to neither sacrifice on performance or storage requirements, nor break the budget available for the project. The solutions are so compact and can achieve very high performance with minimal amount of drives consuming far less power and reducing overall running costs. When extreme performance is required at a reasonable price, we look no further than Accusys. The impressive support we get from Accusys team added to our long-term experience with their systems enable us to offer solution with complete confidence that it will work and satisfy our clients,”
said Engineer Ahmed Madkour, Technodyna’s CEO.