May 2017


High Availability in Datacenters – Part 1 of 2

Impact of the Third Platform of Computing


The third platform of computing -- social, mobile, cloud and big data -- is rapidly transforming IT, much faster than the first (mainframe) and second (client/server) platforms did. This latest evolution has tremendous implications for the IT industry.


For enterprise datacenters, this transformation has been characterized by exploding mobile transactions and data volumes, new deployment models in the cloud, and the increasing importance of social networking. This transition has had far-reaching effects, from IT infrastructure, Web infrastructure, application development; to applications such as OLTP, batch, ERP, and database; are all driven to meet the demands of potentially millions of apps, billions of users, and trillions of things.


In particular, OLTP and database-related applications have become mission-critical, as they process the surging transactions that bring revenue, manage the terabytes of data that are a firm's greatest asset, and provide the analytical insights that guide business strategies. These workloads are invaluable for any business today and require the highest levels of sustaining system availability. This implies 24x7x365 operations.

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Loxoll HA-AP Appliance

The Loxoll HA-AP Appliance is designed expressly for adding continuous, HA access and mirror protection to enterprise SAN.

The HA-AP Appliance makes it easy to build a high-availability, enterprise-grade storage solution that provides no-downtime storage access.


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