July 2014

Last two months, we presented the topics of how storage system availability affects business operations and the causes of storage system downtime. In this month’s newsletter, we examine the cost of system downtime.


Importance of Storage System Availability


·      Computer system uptime depends heavily on proper storage system operation.


·      Nearly two out of every three system failures is caused by downtime of the data storage system, and not servers or software.


·      Regardless of the downtime source, the effects are predictable: sales, services or supply chains can come to a screeching halt.


Causes of Storage System Downtime


·       Downtime calculations should include all periods in which a system becomes unavailable. Because systems are normally taken offline during planned system maintenance, downtime measurement should include both planned and unplanned downtime events.


·      Unplanned downtime events: hardware failure, human error, software failure, and natural disasters.


·      Planned downtime events: equipment life cycle operations and maintenance operations.


Cost of IT-induced Business Downtime


The Aberdeen Group, an international authority in researches focused on helping businesses across 17 different B2B technology disciplines improve their performance, conducted a two-part (18 months apart) “cost of downtime” survey with data collected form 134 organizations.


The focus of this research is to quantify the current cost of IT-induced business downtime. Participants are scored against the following performance criteria: number of actual business interruptions per year, the average length of time of business interruptions, and the length of time required to recover 90% of operational functionality.


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