June 2014

Last month, we touched on the topic of how storage system availability affects business operations. In this month’s newsletter, we examine the causes of storage system downtime.


Importance of Storage System Availability


·      System uptime depends heavily on proper storage system operation.


·      Nearly two out of every three system failures is caused by downtime of the data storage system, and not servers or software.


·      Regardless of the downtime source, the effects are predictable: sales, services or supply chains can come to a screeching halt.


Causes of Storage System Downtime


Many system manufacturers choose to define downtime in terms of unplanned downtime due to unexpected failure of hardware or software.


Practically speaking, it is more useful to view availability from an overall business continuity standpoint. Measured this way, downtime calculations should include any period in which a system is unavailable for use, since regardless of cause, not having an IT system available has a negative effect on operations.


Therefore, because systems are normally taken offline during planned periods of system maintenance, a better measure of downtime should include both planned and unplanned downtime events.


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