April 2014

In this month’s issue of Uptime, we’ll expand on the concept of the active-active data center by addressing some of the practical aspects of what it takes to implement Continuous Availability (CA) in your business.

The Active-Active Data Center, Part II

Assessing Requirements for Continuous Availability


Last month, we explained the emerging concept of the Active-Active Data Center (AADC), whose purpose is to ensure business continuity, i.e., making certain that users have continuous access to business-critical applications when outages of vital systems, infrastructure, or power occur. To review, the main components of the AADC include:

·      Business-critical application(s) that need continuous availability

·      Physically separate IT locations or data centers

·      Redundant or virtualized computing resources and applications

·      Redundant or virtualized storage systems

·      High-speed network technology to connect IT locations


Cost vs. Requirements: Key Questions. Not suprisingly, implementing a full AADC can be an expensive undertaking, and not everyone can justify the investment needed to support shared applications and placement of redundant infrastructure in separate locations. However, implementation cost depends on a number of factors, not the least of which are the separation distance and scale of data center resources. It is thus important to determine where and how much you need continuous availability of an application or service as well as how much you can invest. To help you, we suggest answering several key questions about your CA requirements.

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Case Study:
Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine

Multi-Site, High Availability Storage Solution

Located in Leeds, U.K., the Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine (LIMM) conducts research defining the molecules involved in human diseases and translates these studies into novel therapies. At LIMM, IT infrastructure plays an important role in the conduct of daily research.


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Who Needs High Availability?

Most HA solutions cost too much for small and many mid-size businesses.

Even when the need is clear, many solutions are a poor fit for smaller organizations.

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