The Story Behind Our Name Change

Effective February 2014, Loxoll has become the new owner of Vicom Systems’ Vmirror product line. This acquisition was a friendly spin-off and was made for the benefit of Vicom Systems and Loxoll, our existing customers, and our growing business in the Greater China Region.


Under this arrangement:

·      Loxoll will continue to develop high availability and data protection solutions, providing a broader range of options for you in the future.

·      Vicom will focus on a growing data migration business.

·      All current support contracts will be assumed by Loxoll or Vicom, who will renew them according to the new product ownership responsibilities.


New Loxoll Business Partner

Please join us in welcoming Taifon Computer to the Loxoll reseller family. Founded in 1992, Taifon is a systems integrator and VAR that provides consulting and planning for integrated hardware and software solutions to both commercial and government organizations. With headquarters in Taipei, the company also maintains service offices in Hsinchu, Tainan, Taichung, and Kaohsiung.

Avoiding Planned and Unplanned Storage Downtime: Why Loxoll is the Right Choice

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:lkubo:Desktop:uptime copy.jpgFrom large enterprise to small, downtime is costly: when systems are down, employees can’t work and the business can’t make money. It’s the reason that companies buy high availability (HA) solutions - to avoid unplanned downtime of their servers and storage. 

But did you know that planned downtime - the time systems are taken offline for maintenance of hardware and software - is almost 10 times greater than unplanned downtime? In fact, one reason for the popularity of server virtualization is that ...  Learn more >>





Who Needs High Availability?

Most HA solutions cost too much for small and many mid-size businesses.

Even when the need is clear, many solutions are a poor fit for smaller organizations.

Get up to speed on the key issues and answers with our informative whitepaper.