November 2014

In comparison to large and medium enterprises, the computing infrastructures of small businesses and small to medium enterprises are much less complex. We will continue to examine more aspects of SMB HA storage solutions in this installment.


New Loxoll Business Partner


Please join us in welcoming syslink GmbH, located in Duesseldorf, Germany, to the Loxoll business partner family. syslink provides IT solutions to some of the largest German broadcasters and post-production facilities. As a system integrator and solution expert, the syslink team includes some of Germany’s most experienced StorNext engineers. The Loxoll HA-AP high availability storage appliance has been fully tested and integrated into the ELEMENTS product offering to provide a no storage downtime solution for customers that require continuous system operation. For more information about syslink, please visit

ELEMENTS, developed by syslink and currently their primary product focus, is fully tailored for the media and broadcast industry. It supports SAN and NAS environments and delivers the highest possible reliability and performance. ELEMENTS systems also support collaborative workflows for all editing applications, enable full media and project sharing capabilities, with an integrated web-based management interface. For more information about ELEMENTS, please visit


SMB HA Storage Solutions

HA Solutions for SMBs


With SMBs, any simple, redundant SAN or NAS implementation can potentially provide HA for SMBs. However, because their resources are very limited, the SMB HA solution must also minimize planned downtime under modest staffing, skills, and budget constraints. Consequently, mainstream SAN and NAS systems that include proprietary, Tier 1 and Tier 2 storage, exceed the capital and operating budgets of most SMBs. For the few that can afford these systems, enterprise features like SAN management consoles, de-duplication, and global namespaces typically exceed SMB needs and IT capabilities.

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