October 2014

While the risks of system outages may be clear, the problem for many small and mid-size businesses is that high-availability (HA) solutions are either impractical or too costly for SMBs with limited IT staffing. We will examine SMB HA storage solutions in this installment.


New Loxoll Business Partner


Malgn Technology Co., Ltd., a Korean systems integrator specializing in big data IT datacenter, providing workflow consulting and integration services, and support for the broadcasting industry; has teamed up with local IT service providers, Fujitsu Korea and Innogrid Co., Ltd., to jointly promote Loxoll’s HA-AP storage High Availability (HA) solutions to select members of their prospective client base throughout Korea.

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SMB HA Storage Solutions

HA in SMBs


In the 1970s, the practice of ensuring business continuity through high-availability systems was confined mostly to mainframe systems in a narrow range of applications like stock exchange and payment processing services. Later, as system architectures evolved from centralized to distributed computing, HA applications broadened to include emerging business-critical applications for telecommunications, manufacturing, and banking.


Today, server virtualization, mobile data access, e-commerce, and global business operations are creating demand for high availability not just in the enterprise, but among mid-size and small businesses as well.

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